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The original, patented coring broadhead that changed the industry forever. The TOXIC broadhead has a cult like following with a reputation fit for a King and is our flagship model. The TOXIC is responsible for more hunter harvests than can be counted. It has left devastation around the world and hunters everywhere, speechless. The TOXIC’s have claimed the lives of everything from Brown Bear to Javelina. The TOXIC’s comes in a 3-pack and also have replaceable blades available. (Sold separately)

• 7/8” Cutting Diameter
• Massive bone crushing chisel tip
• Toxic & Cyclone 100 Grain Blades are Interchangeable
• RCD ( Radical Core Decompression Technology)



Reviews (24)

Meat missle

Written by Adam Hickman on 19th Sep 2017

Beast head's on the market, killer blood trials, awesome wound channels that won't clot.


Written by Adam Worley on 31st Aug 2017

I have used the practice heads and they are great haven't got to use the actual ones yet but I have a elk Hunt coming up and can't wait to hopefully put a big bull down.


Written by Jason on 18th Aug 2017

Drops them fast, best blood trail


Written by Jerry Gates on 16th Aug 2017

These things leave a massive hole and great blood trail!!

Devastating wounds

Written by Gary Bradley on 14th Aug 2017

I've used them for two years on my crossbow and have taken a buck and a doe. Both had big holes and bled out quickly. I'm using them on my bow this coming season. I expect more meat in the freezer.

Our Favorite

Written by Amber on 11th Aug 2017

My husband swears by these Toxic Broadheads, there is not a better broadhead we have found for our fall harvests. I am working on becoming an archery hunter myself and will not choose anything but the best! We have been happy with our results for years.


Written by Spencer on 24th Jul 2017

1st hunting trip with them. 1st shot 1st kill Dropped the ram in 10 seconds Fantastic product. Thank you!

Best Broadhead

Written by Tom Spisz on 15th May 2017

Superior accuracy! Huge hole! Very happy with them

Got rid of my Rage

Written by Bob on 24th Oct 2016

Super Sharp and accurate. Shoot as good as field tips. Quick Kill Massive blood trails. 3 down in sight last year..


Written by Eli Darrough on 4th Oct 2016

Best broadhead I've ever used. First hunt with it shot a doe. Went directly through it at 45 yards and dropped the deer in its tracks. Would recommend.

Best head bar none

Written by Adam Hickman on 26th Sep 2016

No tuning straight out of the pack driving tacks. Really rips up a target fast. Massive blood trails the blind can follow. Done a ton of research before buying, they are scientifically proven to cut a hole that won't clot. Love these heads, by far the best I've shot.

Total Destruction

Written by Josh Morelli on 26th Sep 2016

These broadheads are made with quality in mind. They are solid and sturdy and fly true as could be.

The best there is!

Written by Corey on 13th Sep 2016

I used these heads last year and loved them. The deer I harvested with these did not need blood trailed. Watched them all drop from the stand. Fantastic products!

So far so good

Written by Chris Preston on 8th Sep 2016

Just got the toxic broadheads this year so I haven't taken any game yet with them. But just shooting them at my block target is a good indication of the destruction these will inflict. I had a few people tell me that I'll have to adjust my sites but I had no problems with keeping my pins the same. Can't wait to send one of these through a big whitetail

Unreal Bloodtrails

Written by Brandon Morrison on 26th Aug 2016

Wound channels created by these broadheads are crazy! Makes blood trailing a lot easier!


Written by Team Outdoor Addictions. on 25th Aug 2016

Hands-down best broadness made.No broadhead can open game up like the toxic.

Best broadheads I have ever used!

Written by Keven Heinle on 25th Aug 2016

The best way to sum up this broadhead is awesome. Shot a coyote and it went 5 yards. Looking forward to hunting deer and elk with them this year.

Great as always

Written by Brandon on 15th Aug 2016

I look forward to getting the toxics every year. They have never disappointed.


Written by Casey on 8th Aug 2016

Make sure you have a backstop on your target!! The toxics mangled their way through my 3D target and then through my privacy fence about 8". The result, a 10" clover-shaped would channel. Jesus! Also, the chisel tip that passed through the fence didn't have a mark on it. I thought for sure it would be toast. Nope, unscrewed it, pulled the arrow back out, nicked it and sent it back down range. No Problem. These things are legit!

Best head I have ever used

Written by Mark Harrison on 29th Jul 2016

I've been using these heads for a couple years now and will not use anything else. I hunt wild boar here in florida and even on the toughest hogs it puts them right down. With a properly tuned bow these heads hit the same exact spot as field points. Thank you FAA

Gets the job done!

Written by Ashley Rhodes on 18th Jul 2016

I've shot toxics for over a year now and not once have I been let down. Shoots straight, less tracking due to blood trails, demolishes the game to where they won't go far, deepest penetration you'll see, and very reliable! With a lower draw weight it was hard to find a broadhead that would do the job and not leave me tracking for hours, highly recommended and worth every penny!!

Hole shot

Written by David on 23rd Jun 2016

Very nice broadheads , it actually does what it says it does . Great company , good feedback also.

Strenght, Penetration, End Result

Written by Tom S on 13th Jun 2016

Best broadhead you will ever use! Flight of the arrow does not alter in comparison to a field tip, The wound channel that the toxic leaves will not leave you disappointed. Just take a look at one of the many demo videos!


Written by Ernest G Lemmon on 19th Mar 2016

The best broadhead I have used!Thats why I ordered more!

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