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We would like to introduce the Toxic crossbow series. Adding to the already incredible penetration, the crossbow series has a specially designed ferrule that tapers out to be flush with today’s larger diameter crossbow bolts.

• 7/8” Cutting Diameter
• Massive bone crushing chisel tip
• Toxic & Cyclone 100 Grain Blades are Interchangeable
Meatworm Technology™
• RCD ( Radical Core Decompression Technology)


Reviews (5)


Written by The trading post on 26th Oct 2017

Love the broad head would recommend it to everyone ....good blood trails and fly like your field tip

Best broadhead ever produced...

Written by Radar on 19th Oct 2017

And that's a fact! As a Bear Guide in Alaska for 12 years and guiding / hunting all over the world, I have used and seen every broadhead produced since the early 70's. I never thought there would be a broadhead as tough as the old "Eskimo Points" that are now offered by Zwickey until I began using the Toxic 100gr. Not only are the Toxics' as tough, they sure do fly like a field point. Not a marketing ploy but the honest truth. The practice points available are a great thing for both sight in as well as for small game. Absolutely the best broadhead on the market!! I've now taken all the big game animals available in Idaho with the Toxics and they perform flawlessly.

Best broadheads

Written by Leon poe on 14th Jul 2017

When I first got these broadheads I didn't think it would make a hole big enough to bring down a deer. I shot at the first buck that I saw last year it went down in 8 yards never moved again. This was the biggest buck I have ever seen that I could shoot it was a 14 pointer weighed 149 lbs.that is the reason I have bought more, never been so happy to use such a great broadhead thanks for a great product

Only one i will use

Written by Ed on 6th Sep 2016

I have been using the toxic for a couple yrs now and with devistating results. Now that i am shoting a crossbow there is no other broadhead that i would put on it but the toxic. I have been very pleased with and with the customer service.


Written by Tom S on 30th Jun 2016

Bought the 100gr Toxic for the compound, only seemed right to use the same for the crossbow! Same result, awesome penetration, great fight of the bolt! Trust the broadhead that will put dinner on the table!

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