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High Tower buck falls to a Toxic!!

This buck, High Tower, showed up on our trail camera over this clover plot a couple weeks ago. I passed him last year during late muzzleloader season hoping he would grow and he definitely did. I live in southern Iowa, so our bow season opened on October 1st. We had north winds on the first several days so I couldn't hunt this spot, but when we got a south wind on the 7th I decided to go. Usually, I go with my boyfriend and he films, but he had to work so I went by myself that evening. Several deer came out onto the plot around 6:15 and he stepped out about 10 minutes later. He came from the timber to the right of my tree stand and the second I saw him I knew it was High Tower. Once deer come from that direction, they normally take the same path that puts them 20 yards in front of me. He did exactly what I thought he would do and when he got in front of me I ranged him at 18 yards. I pulled back and took the shot. He ran out of the clover plot and over a little hill to where I couldn't see him but I knew he slowed down. I waited until dark to get down and then went to the house and waited for my dad and boyfriend to get there so we could go recover him. When we got by where I saw him last, blood was everywhere. I walked a little farther and there he was. Thanks to my Toxic broadheads, he only went 40 yards from where I shot him. I was so excited, I couldn't believe my eyes. Last year, I put an awesome shot on my bow buck and we had to look for 3 hours to find him. So this year, I switched to Toxic broadheads and they exceeded my expectations. Thank you!