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Bowhunting turkeys | How to setup your bow

Setting up for spring turkeys with your bow is critical.  It really requires you changing things up from your whitetail setup.  The first thing is that you haven't been shooting your bow for awhile.  Turn your bow down.

Secondly, practice shooting on your knees or from a chair. Most likely you will be spot and stalk or in a blind.  If in a blind check your window height so you don't shoot your blind.  (I know from experience!)

Decide if you are going to go for a body shot and know your best shots.  I prefer, the bird going away from me so I have the whole spine to shoot at or a head shot.  If shooting a Tom Bomb by Flying Arrow Archery or other large turkey head, use a full length arrow for proper bow clearance.  Also make sure you use enough fletching, I like 4 X 5" feather fletchings to still have speed but to stabilize the large heads.  Flu-flus work on short distance, but the other combination allows me shots to 40 yards.

And last, practice close 5 to 10 yard shots.  Sometimes, you can use your 40 yard pin for these close shots.  Try it!!