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Toxic Takedown from Jason Mitchell with his monster Manitoba bear


Passion for the Hunt’s Jason Mitchell and pro-staffer Chase Furstenau head to Manitoba for two different archery black bear hunts. Massive 435 pound Boone and Crocket boar shot with bow at fifteen yards. The Toxic did it's job!

Turkey Hunting: Decoy Placement, Blind Placement, Hunt Setup

Great strategic tips for setting up on spring turkeys!These guys have it down pat!  Their tips will put you in "the Golden Chair" this spring!Get your Toxics or Tom Bombs ready!!!

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Bowhunting turkeys | How to setup your bow

Setting up for spring turkeys with your bow is critical.  It really requires you changing things up from your whitetail setup.  The first thing is that you haven't been shooting your bow for awhile.  Turn your bow down.Secondly, practice shooting on your knees or from a chair. Most likely you will be spot and stalk [...]

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3rd time is a charm!! Monster Elk

In the dark early morning of September 25, 2015 I had walked into an area I have hunted years before. These rut was in full swing and I had been hunting hard for 3 weeks, but this was day one of the 2015 season in my special area. Two years prior to this season, I had [...]

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Monster Moose hits the ground!

Our hunt began months ago. This past spring,we contacted biologists, the Ministry of Forests, pilots and outfitters. We knew we were going to hunt an area north of Nakina, Ontario. We were looking for specific areas with high moose densities and good food sources such as burns and high poplar bluffs. We also wanted to [...]

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Big bulls hitting the ground!!

The wapiti are hitting the ground! This bull could not have been harvested by a more deserving individual. Keith Anspach has been hitting the hills harder than most and absolutely earned every ounce of this bull. Nice work Keith!"Day 16. What a roller coaster. But I get to say my two favorite words in the [...]

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High Tower buck falls to a Toxic!!

This buck, High Tower, showed up on our trail camera over this clover plot a couple weeks ago. I passed him last year during late muzzleloader season hoping he would grow and he definitely did. I live in southern Iowa, so our bow season opened on October 1st. We had north winds on the first [...]

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Big MT bull gets hit hard by a Cyclone

On this Montana Elk, I snuck within 20 yards in thick bedding cover on the mountain side. Too thick to shoot, could only see antlers moving thru the trees. Waited for him to get to a 2 foot shooting lane. Wind was right and sun at my back. Dead quiet as [...]

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Spot and Stalk Archery Antelope in South Dakota- It can be done!!

“Get down! Here he comes!” Chris Rager whispered to me. The wind was cutting us from the side as we were scrunched down on the dry cracked, cactus covered prairies of South Dakota. Spot and stalk antelope with only bow and a decoy, we were in the heat of the battle.Hiding behind a decoy and crawling on our hands [...]

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FLYING ARROW ARCHERY, LLC- Runnings Stores now carrying Flying Arrow Archery products!

Belgrade, MT (June 2, 2015) – FLYING ARROW ARCHERY, LLC today announced that its products will be found on the shelves in Runnings stores.Jon Dalhvang, buyer at Runnings said, “We are excited to bring the Flying Arrow Archery line into our stores.These are quality products that our customers deserve.”Look for the Toxic Broadheads in the key sporting goods stores [...]

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